Announcing “First, Do No Harm”

By Neat Pour Staff |

Neat Pour is proud to launch the exclusive new home of Avery Glasser’s influential online community around beverage trends and public health. 

After a bout of cinchona poisoning caused by a poorly filtered batch of house-made tonic water, Bittermens co-founder Avery Glasser began observing (and ranting about) dangerous and/or dumb trends in the beverage industry. Tired of just screaming into the ether, he started the Facebook group “First, Do No Harm” in July 2015.

Anointing himself the Benevolent Dictator of this burgeoning professional group, it grew to over 1,400 members in the beverage world. As the community grew, it became unwieldy to manage as a pastime for Glasser, forcing it to go on hiatus.

Today, we can announce that First, Do No Harm is now exclusively on, as the first column to address unsafe and vexing trends in the beverage industry. Think of it as Dan Savage’s “Savage Love,” but less sex and more chemical analysis.

Glasser has been part of Neat Pour since its inception, helping form a beverage Safety Council that reviews articles covering potentially dangerous trends in the industry. Our intention is to ensure that we do everything we can to publish informative articles about emerging trends without putting consumers at risk.

So, send in your questions, observations or just flat out rants about what’s going on in our industry to The Benevolent Dictator might just take up your challenge!

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