De Kuyper Buys Heering

By Neat Pour Staff |

Consolidation continues in the liquor liqueur industry. This week, De Kuyper Royal Distillers announced the acquisition of Peter F. Heering Cherry Heering Liqueur for an undisclosed sum. Combined, the two family owned businesses boast over five hundred years in the industry.

“We are very pleased to add this internationally recognized iconic and, as of next year, 200-year-old brand to our portfolio. De Kuyper initiated a business transformation two years ago and is continuously looking for premium brands to enhance its international portfolio,” said Mark de Witte, CEO of De Kuyper. “This acquisition will also drive our long-term sustainable growth.”

The De Kuyper portfolio is already pretty thick. The brand owns Peachtree, the new Rutte Gin & Jenever, Mandarine Napoléon, and a line of cordials and liqueurs that includes the widely distributed Pucker line. In addition, De Kuyper already produces several varieties of cherry brandies; now word was given as to their fate.

Cherry Heering is best known as the key ingredient in the original Singapore Sling and defining element in classic cocktails like the Blood & Sand. In addition to their signature cherry brandy, the label also produces a coffee liqueur. If you’re impressed by Royals, Heering has also got you covered. The company touts their history as the official purveyors to the courts of Denmark, the United Kingdom, Sweden, The Netherlands, Greece and the court of the Russian Tsar and the Emperor of Japan.

Adéle Robberstad, CEO of Peter F. Heering stated, “This is a unique combination of two family businesses teaming up. De Kuyper’s global network and on-premise experience will contribute to the future success and further development of the Cherry Herring brand.”

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