Gift Guide: Dads, Wine Snobs, & Grammers

By Kate Benson |

Media types love the holiday season. For a few weeks, we can write less stories and compile lists of our favorite toys. So, without further ado, let the gift guides flow! In our first installment, we tackle presents for dads, wine snobs, and Instagram devotees. Highlights include breathalyzers, advent calendars, a really nice corkscrew, and leopard skin purse for bubbly. Scroll on through for the full list.

Your Dad

Scotch Whiskey Advent Calendar

Each day leading up to Christmas reveals an ounce and change of whiskey (unless, you cheat and double up on a couple days). Some highlights behind the doors include Singleton of Dufftown 12 Year Old, Angels’ Nectar Blended Malt – Rich Peat Edition, Wolfburn Aurora Single Malt, Loch Lomond 12 Year Old, and Glengoyne 15 Year Old.

Original Barback 11 in 1 Multi-Tool

The barback multi-tool might not hack it for an actual working barback, but it’s perfect for the home bar. The Leatherman style device includes a bar-blade bottle opener, wine key, corkscrew, citrus zester, garnish knife, stir & layer tool, fruit & veggie peeler, can opener, wine foil cutter, box cutting tool, and a belt clip.

Stanley Classic Flask

Yup, it doesn’t get more basic or better than this. Whether you’re at a game, a parade, a stuffy family gathering, or are just an alcoholic, everyone loves a flask! Stanley makes them better than most; they use stainless steel and include a lifetime guarantee.

Or, you can Just DIY it by printing some jokes…

The Wine Snob

Laguiole Snakewood Corkscrew

If their is one nation that should be entrusted with manufacturing your corkscrew, it is France. The first laguiole was designed by Jean-Pierre Calmels in said action and premiered in 1829. The name has been synonymous with top tier knives and corkscrews ever since. There really is little better.

Large Moleskine Passion Journal

Moleskines are not just for hipsters. In fact, the classic company makes a damn fine notebook. This one is specialized for people that love wine (or at least love wine accessories). The large, bound book has lots of bells & whistles for oenophiles: an expandable pocket, three ribbon markers, tabbed sections for different wines, and lots of labels to customize it for your own tastes.

The Instagram Drinker

BACtrack Go Keychain Breathalyzer

Yup, a portable breathalyzer. Face it, it’s probably smart. At just $5, pick up one for yourself also. ’nuff said.


Yeah, yeah, yeah–It’s dumb, but the millennials love it! Why sip your champagne when you can just chug it. Heck, chugging bottles-that-should-be-tasted got Marisa Ross a job as Wine Editor at Bon Appétit: so, maybe, it will work for you also.

La Giungla

Do you need a (faux) leopard skin, mini-champagne purse? Yup. Still on the fence? Well, keep in mind that it can carry 375ml bottles regular wine also! If still in doubt, check out this rather confusing explanation from the manufacturer… “Some time around 50 BC the Romans started raiding far away lands and brought back exotic animals to Rome to both fight in the arena + live in private personal zoos. These fantastical animals were symbolic of Rome’s greatness and for centuries Italians have been fascinated with wild beasts.”

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