Hello Kitty Wine is Here and It’s Exactly What You Think

By Neat Pour Staff |

Hello Kitty. Hello wine! The Neat Pour newsroom does not quite understand the Hello Kitty phenomena or the Japanese kawaii, cute culture. However, we do understand that when Hello Kitty starts selling branded wine in the US, it’s something to meow about. (Although, we also recently learned Hello Kitty may not be a cat at all.)

Anyway, cute corporation, Sanrio announced that five bottles of Hello Kitty wine are now available stateside. “For all Hello Kitty fans that are 21+! The Hello Kitty wines by Torti “L’Eleganza del Vino” returns to the U.S. with new supercute designs and two new blends,” proclaimed Kitty’s kin in a statement. :Now including an award-winning Pinot Noir, a “Sweet Pink” blend, Sparkling Rosé, Pinot Nero Vinified in White, as well as a special edition Sparkling Rosé with limited edition packaging.”

You can pick up all five of those bottles as a set in very kawaii packaging for 150 bucks. If you need to count your yen because you’re saving also saving up to download Hello Kitty antivirus and firewall software, you’re in luck; the bottles are also available for individual purchase, averaging between $25 and 30 a pop.

All of the Hello Kitty wines are from Torti’s vineyards in Lombardy. Torti, a family owned business, classifies the Kitty line as “fashion wine.” The rosés are a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. (We weren’t quite able to figure out what makes the numbered bottles better, but they carry a $10 surcharge—so, they must be better.)

Hello Kitty wine has been around for a while in Europe, but the adult beverage with the childish logo did not land in the States until last year. At that point, a limited number of bottles was exclusively available at Antonello Ristorante in Orange County, California.

The new Christmas release is available for retail purchase to residents of California, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, New Mexico, North Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Washington DC. The previous line has been expanded upon meaning more bottles are available for Kitty connoisseurs.

Note: Neat Pour has not tried the Hello Kitty wine yet, but taste is not really the point is it? You can buy the Kitty line here.

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