LeBron James Is Also King of Wine Instagram

By Neat Pour Staff |

With all due respect to “influencers” like Marisa Ross and @Grapefriend, there can be only one and that ruler of wine social is media is—Lebron James. King James may wear wine and gold on the hardwood, but when it comes to Instagram, it’s mainly just wine. Following an insane bottle throw down last week, James’ account is now the center of a wine debate encompassing thousands of comments.

The King is no stranger to the fruit of the vine. Wine plays prominently on his Instagram feed. Previosuly, we’ve learned that the baller is a big fan of 2005 Quiutarelli Giuseppe. His IG tasting notes on that one explained,“No games being played in this cellar of 🍇”. He also loved Pontet-Canet 2009. “This is what I mean when I say I’m in my bag!” he writes of the Gran Cru Pauillac.

Of course, 2004 Opus One made the mix as well. “Post food drink for me solo!” James lamented, “I need help.” Because, uh yeah, it must be real hard for Lebron frickin’ James to find someone to hang out and share a 13-year-old bottle from a prestige winery. I mean, we’d be happy to help next time Mr. James. However, James is probably picky about his drinking buddies; another theme in the posts is his dedication to serious wine which he sometimes expresses through the hashtag #RealVinoPeopleKnow.

However, last week, the King elevated his wine game to the next level with an oeno-all-star roster appearing on his feed. The evening is probably best described in his own words (and emoji.) ”👑Last night was mad real, fresh out of Advil- Jesus grab the wheel👑,” noted James. “Sheesh!!! You had to be there to truly Understand. Even though I wish you were there so u could. #VinoChronicles🍷

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Check out this lineup…

Mind, you King James issued a warning to his wine haters. As final thought on the post, he wrote,“P.S. don’t talk to me about wine like u know it if you really don’t know what you’re talking about. Seriously!”

The warning apparently had zero effect.

  • breaddealer questioned, “Nice Lebron, huge fan but a Chassagne? 2014 off vintage? Why not a nice Grand Cru like Chevalier? I’ll stop there.”
  • saesoek is apparently stuck in the year 2000, writing, “Garbage! Where’s the Camus”
  • Of course, a hipster had to chime in. breadiquette urged, “KING! You gotta get on the natural wine game. Important for body and soul!
  • And, of course, someone decided to spam the highest paid player in the NBA about improving his finances. the_creditgoddess petitioned, “Hey king if you would’ve invested the price of one of these bottles in bitcoins itd be worth 140% more in a few months and you don’t have to do anything. Hmu for more info on the company!!”

If you hav some time to kill, check out the full comments section. Like most of social media, there’s a few gems hidden amongst some serious vitriol.

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