Bed of Rosé: Bon Jovi Dropping Wine

By Neat Pour Staff |

Jon Bon Jovi is hopping on the rosé bandwagon. The 80’s pop rock icon teamed up with his son, Jesse Bongiovi, and French winemaker Gérard Bertrand to create Diving into Hampton Water.

“Creating this wine with Gérard was just as creative as collaborating with another songwriter. Gérard uses his talents and wine knowledge just like a gifted musician,” the power balladeer said in a press release. “And working with my son on this has been an amazing experience.”

Jesse Bongiovi, a Nortre Dame cornerback, and his father set out to make a wine that reminded them of their summer home in the Hamptons. Originally, Bon Jovi wanted to market the label under the name, “Pink Water”. However, his son successfully petitioned for the clunkier, but classier, “Diving” moniker. Then, they began tasting.

“We’d tried rosé from everywhere,” Jesse explained. “But when we visited Gérard, we realized that there is an entire coastline in France that is producing some of the best-kept secrets on Earth.”

The friendship began when Bon Jovi’ visited an annual jazz festival hosted by Bertrand at his Château l’Hospitalet estate in Narbonne. Soon, the trio were hard at work producing a blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Mourvèdre. Bertrand described the rosé as “fresh and lively with distinctive minerality”.

Diving into Hampton Water is not the singer’s first venture into the wine world. A previous, limited edition, wine series was successfully marketed under the Bon Jovi name. However, that venture appeared to be a straight up marketing gimmick relying heavily on the Jovi name and song lyrics.

“Diving into Hamptons Water” is slated for a spring release in the US. Bottles will retail for $25.

Photo By Artur Bogdanski

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