Goldman Prez Allegedly Fleeced Out of $1.2m in Rare Wines

By Neat Pour Staff |

Stealing seven bottles of DRC is a little different than the teenage tradition of swiping that dusty bottle of Kahlua from the back of your parents’ liquor cabinet. In fact, the former is a federal offense. Nicolas De-Meyer is under indictment from the DOJ after allegedly snatching $1.2m in fine wines from his old boss, David Solomon, Goldman Sach’s president and co-chief operating officer.

On Wednesday, U.S. Prosecutors in Manhattan unsealed an indictment against the 40-year-old deMeyer charging him with interstate transportation of stolen property. According to the filing, the former assistant was allegedly stealing high priced bottles from his boss. and then reselling them via a North Carolina based dealer.

Solomon, a multi-millionaire, with a well known affinity for vino, was identified in the official docs only as “individual who collects rare and expensive wine,” but Goldman later confirmed his ID. And, indeed, the man does have great tastes in wine. Those bottles of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti are described by the Feds as “among the best, most expensive and rarest wines in the world.” Any oenophile could provide a more blunt description: DRC is the best Burgundy, and arguably the best wine, ever, like sipping heaven-on-earth; 750ml bottles of good vintages regularly sell for upwards of$20k apiece.

The DOJ contends that deMeyer’s work responsibilities included receiving shipments of wine at Solomon’s Manhattan apartment and then stewarding their transport to the wine cellar in Solomon’s East Hampton property. Instead, the assistant allegedly intercepted some of the select bottles and then employed the alias “Mark Miller” while fencing them to a dealer that he found on the web.

The indictment was likely no surprise to Solomon or Goldman. According to a statement from the finance giant, Solomon noticed missing wine in November 2016 and then consequently fired deMeyer and reported the theft. The investigation reportedly was delayed when the suspect left the country. The company also stressed that deMeyer was an employee of Solomon’s household, not the bank.

DeMeyer is scheduled to appear in federal court in LA later on Wednesday.

Photo by Dale Cruse [CC2.0]

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