Tom Hanks’ Work As A Cocktail Server Critiqued

By Neat Pour Staff |

On Sunday (1.07) night, the Golden Globe Awards sparked lots of buzz on social media. There were stars clad in black, a moving speech from Oprah, and the actual awards. There was also Tom Hanks playing server. The esteemed actor was caught on camera carrying trays of drinks to friends at his table. Sure, Twitter loved it, but was he any good? We turned to Konrad Kantor of Doris Metropolitan for some professional of analyses of Hanks’ skills.

As evidenced in a slew of social media posts, Hanks headed to the bar during the ceremony’s first commercial break and returned to his friends, including director Steven Spielberg, with a round of adult libations. (For the record, we were hoping for some Joe v. The Volcano style tiki drinks and fearing Bachelor Party style canned beers, but instead, the tray was filled with Martinis and an Old Fashion Glass of something dark.) Anyway, Kantor said that this very gesture was indicative that Hanks could excel any fine dining establishment’s front of house.

“The did best is that he did was the act of keeping service in mind the whole time. He was focused on making sure that the other people at the party were really enjoying themselves,” explained Kantor. “The simple act of ordering the drinks and delivering them to friends is a mark of true class. The desire to see other having a good time is the core of working in a fine dining establishment.”

As for technique, Kantor gave the actor mixed marks. The pro gave Hanks high grades for keeping his eyes off tray. “Always look forward. Don’t watch the drinks. You need to know what’s in front of you,” Kantor said. “Also, staring at the drinks results in spilling the drinks. Based on these photos, I’d say that he’s done an excellent job of not spilling the drinks because he is looking forward.”

However, the fine dining manager found some room to improve. While Hanks once performed some virtuoso piano work with his feet, he needs to work on his hands. “The first step to improve would be mastering the art of carrying the tray with only one hand,” note Kantor. “You always want to keep one hand free. It’s also much easier to balance the tray with only one hand.”

In addition, Kantor made some suggestions about the actual handoff of the beverages. “Always keep that second hand behind your back until you are putting the drinks down,” he instructed. “But, the biggest mistake that he makes is letting the guests take their drinks off the tray themselves. You should be handing them their drinks. If you are going to do the whole thing, you should follow through with the final acts.”

Our pro also suggested adding some cocktail napkins to the equation for extra points. So, Hanks has got his work cut out for him; fortunately, he can fall back on that day job of his.

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