Modular Brewing System Going Viral


A new prosumer brewing system is already an overnight sensation. PicoBrew‘s new PicoBrew Z Series is a modular all grain brewing system that can pump out between one and ten gallons of beer (or kombucha!) per cycle. The product was unveiled on Thursday (2.15) morning and within hours, the pre-orders for the product exceeded one million dollars.

“We knew our customers were thirsty for more,” said Dr. Bill Mitchell, CEO of PicoBrew, “More beer, more technology, more flexibility and more options. Still, the response we’ve seen during these first few hours from customers worldwide has just blown us away!”

The Z Series is comprised of stainless steel, rackable/stackable components with all the bells and whistles. Precise temperature and fluid control are regulated via an app (of course.) Significantly, the system is not a gimmick; it works with loose grain and hops. (Although, those so-inclined can buy pre-bundled PicoPacks.) PicoBrew stresses that these are professional grade models suitable for high cycle use in businesses.

That is not to say that home brewers are being neglected. Catering to their needs, the company also created the PicoBrewing Network (PBN). The digital marketplace allows home brewers to create beers using their own ingredients and recipes on the Z Series and then upload them to the PBN. Once uploaded, the PBN will log all of the details and the company will create those prefab PicoPacks for said recipes on demand allowing other users to replicate them. Recipe creators will get paid royalties for each sale.

“While we have all probably dreamed of quitting our day jobs and opening a brewery, startup costs and a competitive landscape make this option unworkable for most homebrewers,” said Mitchell. “The PBN gives homebrewers the opportunity to distribute the beers they create and earn royalties, while PicoBrew does all the work of marketing, manufacturing and fulfilling the Paks.”

Pricing runs from $2500 for the 2.5 gallon Z1 to $8500 for the 10 gallon Z4. Those prices are nearly half-off on pre-orders. You can find all of the details here.


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