Box o’ Booze Is Now A Real Thing!

By Neat Pour Staff |

Boxed wine has been jockeying for position as the next-big-thing in America for at least a decade. Tired of waiting for that market to explode, box o’ vino giant, Black Box is branching out into hard liquor. Yes, that’s right. Get ready for Box o’ Booze!

“Black Box has been a pioneer in modernizing premium boxed wines,” Jaymie Schoenberg, VP of Black Box Wines & Spirits, said in a press release. “We were inspired to take the success we have had with our award-winning premium boxed wines and translate this into the spirits category—delivering affordable, convenient, high-quality spirits.”

The standard trio of whiskey, vodka, and tequila is now available in 1.75 liter boxes (like a handle). For starters, you can find boxes in Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. The company promises nationwide distribution by September.

Mind you just because the spirits reside in a box does not mean that this is not quality product! (Granted, we have not experienced the joy of tasting the booze yet, but we did read the marketing collateral.) The whiskey is aged for six years in American oak. The vodka is—we’re not making this up—“triple distilled, five times filtered and made with mountain spring water.”

Then, there is the tequila. The marketing materials proudly declares “Made with Fine Blue Agave,” perhaps unaware that all tequila is made from blue agave. For good measure, it’s “small batch distilled.”

All three spirits weigh in with a 40% ABV. MSRP is $22.99 for the vodka and $24.99 for the tequila or whiskey.

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