Fever Tree Launches Full American Division

By Neat Pour Staff |

In 2007, when Fever Tree tonic water started popping up in the U.S., most consumers didn’t quite understand how one tonic could be better than another. A lot changed over a decade and now the brand is the fastest growing premium mixer in the country. This week, the company solidified their American experiment, launching their first international subsidiary in the States.

Fever-Tree USA will handle all “importation, distribution, warehousing and direct customer relationships in the U.S.” according to a spokesperson for the new company. Charles Gibbs left his old job as Belvedere Vodka’s President & CEO to serve as North American CEO for the new corp.

“The last 11 years has seen Fever-Tree establish a great platform in the U.S. and this move to a directly controlled structure underscores our belief in the tremendous opportunity that exists in the market,” said Gibbs in a statement. “With the same trends of premiumization across the wider spirits category and a move to simple long mixed drinks as witnessed by the growing popularity of the Mule and other simple cocktails, the U.S. represents an incredibly exciting opportunity for Fever-Tree.”

Not surprisingly, the premium mixer biz will be headquartered in Brooklyn. The company promises to employ 30 30 full time staffers focused on sales, marketing, finance and supply chain across the continent.

Fever Tree was started in 2005 and led the chargeto shake up the mixer market. Once regarded as the equal of a novelty bitter, high end bars now routinely employ better quality mixers. Fever Tree offers eleven of those. Tonic water form of the basis of the range rounded out by ginger beers & ales.

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