Lionel Richie & Ed Sheeran Drink Wine All Night Long

By Neat Pour Staff |

Two generations of pop stars walk into a bar… Make that bar a Michelin starred restaurant and the punchline changes a little. The restaurant shuts down for everyone else; Lionel Richie and Ed Sheeran proceed to run with the night, indulging in a wine-a-thon until 3am. Hello!

The 69-year-old Richie and the 27-year-old Sheeran met up at the Park House Restaurant & Wine Bar in Cardiff after the latter’s Wales gig according to The Sun and (social media).

Park House spokesperson Sian Gunney explained that Sheeran’s assistant called to make the reservation in advance. “But he must have looked at the wine menu before he came because he knew exactly what he wanted. He went straight to the wine bar,” Gunney told The Sun. “They were both so down to earth and relaxed, they didn’t have a demanding list of things they wanted.”

The pair’s trophy bottle for the night was a 1997 Penfold Grange priced at £750 ($992.)

Apparently, these commodores of vino had a hankering for Aussie wine. They also quaffed 2015 Eight Uncles Shiraz from Barossa (£12, $16) and 2013 The Menzies Cabernet Sauvignon from Yalumba (£16, $21.)

Park House added that Richie chowed down on the £29 ($38) Brecon lamb cooked by Chef Andrew Frost, but Sheeran opted to drink his meal. “Ed didn’t eat, he must have been so pumped with adrenaline,” noted Gunney.

The stars did not dance on the ceiling; by all reports, the pair were model guests. “Park House is a family-run business and everyone was so excited when they found out, but they were so professional the entire time,” gushed Gunney. “They wanted the guys to have a relaxed experience.”

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