Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendars Are Coming To America

By Neat Pour Staff |

Sure, Europe has some cool architecture, art work, and history. However, if you want to make the Neat Pour editorial staff jealous of the offerings across the pond, just mention Aldi. The Euro supermarket chain has all the cool toys. Only abroad, can one buy Aldi’s G&T lollipops, color changing spirits, and best of all, their famed Wine Advent Calendar… Until now. The coolest advent calendar out there is coming stateside.

The Aldi Advent calendar functions like any Christmas gift of the sort. It is a box with 24 little doors, each intended to be opened on a December day counting down to the holiday on the 25th. However, in this case, one finds tiny bottles of wine within each compartment. 

Yes, wine! Each bottle is different, filled with ed, white, or bubbly varietials including Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Shiraz, and Malbec. In total, the 24 portions equal about six “regular” 750ml bottles. All this can be yours for only $70.

If you prefer, your wine with cheese, don’t fret. Aldi will also be bringing their Cheese Advent Calendar to the States. And, that calendar will only cost $13.

Aldi previously sold these products in the UK where they were met with great acclaim. The American availability is the product of a greater expansion for the stores. Aldi, short for Albrecht Discount, is in the midst of a massive expansion. The company is slated to spend $1.9 billion remodeling existing stores, plus $3.4 billion to build 800 new outlets over the next four years according to Business Insider’s Hayley Peterson.

If you want to create a countdown to the countdown calendar, know that the release is slated for November 7.

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