Mixtures From An Exhibition: BCB 2018 In Photos

By Martin Corriveau |

From October 8 through 10, thousands of barmen and barwomen hailing from 79 countries filled Station Berlin in Germany for Bar Convent Berlin, the industry’s largest trade show. Every spirit, gear, and technique conceivable was on display. While we can’t share the tastes and aromas (still waiting for that smell-o-vision technology!), Neat Pour‘s Martin Corriveau snapped photos of all the action for those who couldn’t make it.

At 11am, the venue’s eight halls and Kühlhaus started to fill up…

Within an hour, Station Berlin was packed. Over three days, almost 15,000 (legal capacity) visitors from six continents packed the premises.

Maker’s Mark displayed their well-know whiskey in all stages of maturation.

Winter is here! The much ballyhooed White Walker GoT expression from Johnnie Walker was on full display.

Gin from Luxardo? Why not!

For American guests, ice programs are a luxury found in elite bars. However, in Europe, high quality ice is a base necessity.

Forging human connection is just as important as tasting spirits at BCB.

Thomas Dakin’s signature botanical is red cole, the plant that gives us horseradish, but the gin’s dominant flavor is juniper–as a proper London Dry Gin should be… It also tastes great in a cocktail!

Spirits were not the only bottles on display. Liqueurs were the second largest category on the floor. Pictured here is the range from French powerhouse Giffard.

The show featured a little bit of infusion and lots of fusion. Here we see some Asian influences.

Speaking of Asia, Japan is not just about whisky. Gins are booming in Nihon. We loved the Roku.

Having conquered the tonic market, Fever Tree is expanding their empire with an ever-growing range including a cola made with Madagascan vanilla. (Look out Coke!)

SipSmith was sporting some pretty nice gift packs–their gin ain’t too shabby either!


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