Nashville Man Tips $22K… Then Gets Arrested

By Neat Pour Staff |

Tipping well generally ends with a happy front of house staff and a pleased customer. However, after doling out over $22,000 in gratuities, Joel Boyers found himself in the custody of the Nashville Police Department, charged with public intoxication and possession of a firearm while intoxicated.

On Monday (2.18), Nashville’s Metro Police received several calls from friends of Boyers. According to police records, the 39-year-old was sending out “bizarre” messages about “drugs increasing his intelligence” and “giving his child away on Facebook.”

Boyers later addressed the allegations. “I messaged a few friends on Facebook to find a babysitter for my daughter ****, (it was my birthday and I knew I would be drinking) and some person misunderstood,” he wrote on social media. “This rumor went out of control, causing someone to call the police, which [sic] questioned me at my hotel (where I had been celebrating) and then the cops released me right away.”

Indeed, officers were dispatched to Nashville’s J.W. Marriott Hotel where they found Boyers drinking in the lobby bar around 5pm. The report states that the cops described his eyes as bloodshot and watery eyes and his body smelling of booze.

Authorities alleged that Boyers first drained a dozen drinks from the minibar in his room. According to the incident report, he then headed downstairs where he had another two drinks at the hotel’s bar.

However, over those two drinks, he left his mark. Police said that Boyers left several high dollars tips totaling a little over $22k. In fact, court documents noted that the staff began to argue about serving the table. (Apparently, they didn’t have a pool system.)

Alas, all good things must come to an end and Metro Police quickly ended the tipping party. Responding officers explained that after confronting Boyers, he informed them that he was in possession of a permitted gun… and mentioned that he’d been smoking marijuana and drinking all day. He handed the firearm over to authorities and was promptly arrested on the intoxication charges.

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office logged Boyers as booked into the jail around 6pm and bonded out a few hours later.

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