Hot Toddy (Basic)

  • Base Spirit Whiskey
  • Preparation In Glass
  • Flavor Soothing
  • Served Hot

The Hot Toddy is one of those original, mother sauce-eque drinks like a Sling or Martini, more of a formula than an actual cocktail spec. Although Jerry Thomas is credited with publishing the earliest recipe, toddies were touted as a medicinal, winter illness cure-all for many generations before the Professor entered the scene. And, for good reason– the hot drink delivers a dose of booze just strong enough to soothe a sore throat, fill your innards with warmth, and deliver a bit of a buzz.

The recipe below is pretty generic. Swapping different base liquors will deliver vastly different flavor profiles think about the range between Cognac and an Irish Whiskey. That’s just the start, mess with modifiers and even the hot water (we like tea!) for a range of different drinks.

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Hot Toddy (Basic)
  1. Add the whiskey (or other base spirit) and lemon juice to a mug. Then, add the honey.
  2. Stir until honey is mostly incorporated.
  3. Pour hot water into mug and stir again until mixture is uniform.
  4. Garnish with a lemon at a minimum. Here's where you start leaving your mark, add other aromatics such as cinnamon or cloves.

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