Rob Roy

  • Base Spirit Scotch
  • Preparation Stirred
  • Flavor Boozy
  • Served Up

The Rob Roy is a basic Manhattan variation shaping out the American Whiskey for Scotch. The drink is another product of the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan, New York City. Although there is some doubt, the beverage was probably the brainchild of the hotel’s longtime bartender John “Curley” O’Connor.

What is certain is that the drink premiered in 1894 to celebrate the Herald Square opening of Rob Roy, an operetta by composer Reginald De Koven and lyricist Harry B. Smith celebrating the Scottish folk hero Rob Roy MacGregor.

Print Recipe
Rob Roy
  1. Combine liquid ingredients with ice in a stirring glass.
  2. Stir and double strain into a Martini Glass.
  3. Optionally, express lemon peel over drink or garnish with a cherry.

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