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Death In The Afternoon

Death in the Afternoon is a absinthe based Champagne Cocktail create by Ernest Hemingway. In his typically modest fashion, Papa named the drink after his novel of the same name.

Champagne Cocktail (Classic)

The Champagne Cocktail is one of the earliest variations of the classic cocktail formula of bitters, sweet, spirit, water and the progenitor of an entire family of cocktails.

Air Mail

A champagne cocktail riff, the Air Mail cocktail was wildly popular in 1949 and appeared in print that same year. However, the…

Eggnog (Eudora Welty)

What is surprising is that Dickens’ recipe was likely not his own, but the family formula from writer Eudora Welty. The earliest appearance of the Dickens specs are actually a note from Welty’s mother Chestina, a fanatical fan of the Victorian author.

Daily Sippedia Entry

Place of the Day


Chile has a long history of wine production. It all began in the 16th Century when Spanish conquistadors introduced wine grapes and…

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Dry Vermouth

Dry Vermouths vary by distiller, but some common tastes, such as the signature wormwood, can be found in most. Orange peels, sweet caramel, bitterness, forest herbs, and a little bit of saline can be tasted in most. French, dry vermouths are marked by an added bitterness.