Amazon Expands Alcohol Deliveries To New Cities

By Neat Pour Staff |

Beer runs just became beer clicks in part of America. Amazon quietly announced new services for impatient (or impaired) beverage enthusiasts (along with lower prices at the newly acquired Whole Foods) this week. The popular Prime Now service is steadily growing their alcohol delivery abilities, with a rollout last week in Phoenix, Arizona and in Portland, Oregon on August 25th.

Denizens of Portland can now use the Amazon app to summon beer or wine to their homes in a guaranteed two hours delivery for no additional charges. If a party is running out of potables fast, customers can pay a $7.99 surcharge for a faster, one hour or less guaranteed delivery.

At press time, 133 beers and ciders were listed as options including several smaller Pacific Northwest breweries. A statement from the company touted, “popular brands including Coors Light, Kendall-Jackson and La Marca [and] local favorites such as Deschutes, Full Sail, Willamette Valley and Underwood.” In Phoenix, Prime offers thousands of options which also includes hard alcohol.

Amazon began beta-testing alcohol delivery in Seattle, Washington (where hard alcohol is also available) two years ago. New York City made a splash when Manhattan went live this June, while the service is also available in Cincinnati, Chicago, Columbus, Ohio, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Richmond, Virginia, San Diego, and San Francisco/Bay Area.

Amazon Prime is a subscription service where users pay $99.99 annually. The package includes free delivery on more products than your credit limit can handle as well as supplemental features like their video streaming service.

Amazon will is bringing their 800-pound-gorilla status to a market populated by several, smaller startups such as Drizly, MiniBar, and Saucey. These competitors all operate on a supplemental delivery fee model as opposed to Amazon’s umbrella subscription service. Of course, you can also just call or visit your local liquor store.

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