Gin Yogurt Leads English Booze Food Craze

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England is in the midst of a booze-flavored-food trend. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the flavor English edibles are gravitating towards first is that most British spirit: gin. However, leading the charge is a trendy, gin flavored . . . yogurt? In case you were worried that wasn’t weird enough, salmon and ice cream are close behind.

Mega-grocer Sainsbury’s is the primary source for Rachel’s Organic Greek Style Lemon & Gin Bio-Live Yogurt. For the low, low price of £1.50, thirsty hungry customers can purchase a 450g container of traditional gin-soaked yogurt (just like mom used to make). But don’t worry too much about showing up to work drunk; the ABV is only 0.25%.

Online reviewer CrikeyDM commented that the “yoghurt is ok,” but not as good as the original Rachel’s lemon flavor. Crikey complained, “It’s [Gin-Lemon] less lemony and more plain tasting.”

Not to be outdone, Sainsbury’s rivals Waitrose now stock Heston from Waitrose Gin & Juniper Smoked Salmon. Marketing materials describe the lox as “Scottish salmon cured in a combination of salt, sugar, Heston Earl Grey Gin, juniper, cinnamon, coriander and citrus zest, then smoked over oak chips.” (No mention of ABV is provided, but devotees will be happy to learn that the fish is an excellent source of Omega-3.)

Bringing up the rear in this boozy, British battle of grocers is online outlet Ocado. Ocado entered the game by offering their own alternative to Waitrose with Loch Fyne Gin Infused Scottish Smoked Salmon. Then, they upped the ante with Jude’s Gin & Tonic Dairy Ice Cream. 120 ml tubs sell for £1.85. 5% of each container is Sipsmith Gin which clocks in around 41.6% ABV.

The influx of English edibles is part of a much ballyhooed “ginaissance” sweeping the nation. Last year, the island nation purchased over one billion dollars of the juniper elixir. Of course, these numbers pale in comparison to England’s 18th century Gin Craze, but back then if one wanted gin for breakfast, they drank it.

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