Weight Watchers Wine Hits Market

By Neat Pour Staff |

Truett-Hurst is carving out a name for themselves in the wine-for-hire world. The vintners already crank out in-house lines for Total, Trader Joes, Albertsons Companies, and The Kroger Co. Now, they are pulling some serious buzz for a partnership with Weight Watchers—Cense, a low calorie Sauvignon Blanc.

Cense is pressed from Sauv Blanc grapes in Marlborough, New Zealand then shipped to the Truett-Hurst’s NoCal HQ where secret technology is used to drop the alcohol content down to 9.6% ABV as opposed to similar bottles from the varietal which clock in at the low double digits. The final product touts only 85 calories (or 3 SmartPoints in Weight Watcher terms) per 5 fl. oz. serving.

“To develop Cense, we leveraged an innovative technology that captures the compounds that make up the flavor and aroma of a wine, holding them aside while removing excessive alcohol; this process allows us to reduce both calories and SmartPoints per serving without compromising on taste or bouquet,” said Phil Hurst, Co-Founder, President and CEO of Truett-Hurst, Inc.

Hurst notes that it took the company about two years to develop the alcohol reduction process. But, what about the taste? Cense tastes like most other supermarket Sauvignon Blancs at this price point. Lots of lemons and grapefruit on both the nose and palate. The reduced alcohol is not particularly noticeable.

Weight Watcher notes that wine is of huge concern to their members; in fact, the company stated that wine, is second only to coffee, on their list of most tracked items. The demand is not surprising given reality TV personality, Bethenny Frankel’s trendy Skinnygirl cocktail and wine line. Also not surprising is Cense’s plan for the next wine: rosé.

MSRP is $15 for a standard 750ml bottle. You can buy it online here or at Kroger stores.

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