Launch Alert: Peaky Blinders Spirits & (Allegedly) Hangover-Free Booze

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Did this weekend leave you a little slow at work come Monday? Or, did work leave you feeling like you want quit and start a new career running a small crime syndicate in the English Midlands? Either way, a couple distillers have you covered; V.E.S. is rolling out a (purportedly) hangover-free line of spirits and Sadler’s just launched a Peaky Blinders branded range of booze.

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V.E.S. Gin and Vodka

The newly (re)named spirits producer, V.E.S. a.k.a. Vitamin Enriched Spirits unveiled a gin and vodka. The distiller promises that both products will leave drinkers feeling fresh and headache-free the following morning.

“I’ll just warn people ahead of time, if you like hangovers you’ll hate our vodka and gin,” said V.E.S. Owner Darryl Tombleson. “We saw an opportunity to go in a different direction than traditional spirits makers, for the very limited segment of drinkers who don’t want to wake up next morning feeling like a train hit them. Admittedly it’s a select group we’re catering to and we’re running directly against the untold millions of drinkers who enjoy a good headache, shakiness and some nausea, gripping feverishly the toilet seat to keep from falling in.”

The company offers the dubious claim that the secret to avoiding hangovers is to drink a purer product. Basically, they sound like they’re selling the spirits equivalent of a natural wine. Marketing materials tout 100% organic ingredients, an additive free product, and “ingredients grown in nutrient rich soil to enhance quality.” They also note that their liquor is “virtually calorie free,” although we can’t figure out what that has to do with a hangover.

Helping the cause is water that has been distilled through some secret, proprietary processes. Of course, their spirits are filtered six times (because filtration is an arms race now). Specifically, high levels of Vitamins B and C in the booze are supposed to negate the morning after. (Mind you, these vitamins are not the product of some chemical injection, but result from ingredients grown in the proper terroir.)

The gin is described as “a spellbinding fusion of botanicals including pepperberry, finger lime, and cranberries.” The company’s vodka is “created from a 1000 year old recipe” retrieved from a museum archive by a “heroic Indiana Jone-type” and the distiller says, “V.E.S. Vodka is unlike any vodka you have experienced.”

Neat Pour has not checked the veracity of these hangover claims, albeit we’re skeptical. V.E.S. claims that they have tested the after-effects of their product with study group of 1000 drinkers. Not surprisingly, the distiller purports almost no cases of hangover amongst were reported from their test subjects.

V.E.S. is shot for Vitamin Enriched Spirits which is a rebranding. The company was previously known as Vitamin Vodka. The brand is launching in New York City this week, followed by distribution in Los Angeles, London, Europe and Australia. The range is distributed by Duggan’s Spirits.

Peaky Blinders

If watching Peaky Blinders on BBC2 or Netflix is leaving you with an urge to drink like a 1920’s English gangster in Black Country, you’re in luck. Sadler’s just released a range of spiced dry gin, Irish whiskey, and spiced rum.

Sadler’s is a five-generations-old, family owned company also based in Black Country. The distillery actually owns several pubs that the real Peaky Blinders gang used to frequent. (No three-tier-system in England.) If you live outside the greater Birmingham area and/or in modern times, you may know Sadler’s for their previous Peaky Blinders branded beer.

“Our mission is to create products that are one of a kind, with their own unique story and we believe we’ve well and truly done that with the launch of our Peaky Blinder spirits range,” said Chris Sadler.

All three products tout a proper 40%A.B.V. The blended Irish Whiskey is described as “bold but exceptionally smooth, triple-distilled, small batch” in the marketing materials. Sadler’s said that “selected spices delivering notes of orange, nutmeg, vanilla and raisin’ in the rum. And, the spiced, dry gin appears to be pretty standard–these guys are English, they know how to make gin!

“Back in those days it was about grafting and crafting, whether that was legitimate work or activities only the Peaky Blinders would be associated with, but either way, it’s that hardworking, uncompromising Black Country attitude we’ve looked to instil into this new range.

The bottles are currently available online where they sell for about r £29.99 each or if you’re looking to get bloody well knackered, you can buy the a set of all three for £84.99. Details here.

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