What’s Out? Ohio Mega-Sale Tags Slipping Spirits


Some might argue that allowing the Ohio Department of Commerce to sell all of the liquor in the Buckeye State is extremely problematic. However, one benefit of mixing government with the liquor business is a rare window into what’s moving in retail world. Today, the ODoC released a list of 700+ bottle in their inventory now relegated for liquidation and ultimately slated for discontinuation in the state.

The list provides an empirical, sales based tabulation of “what’s out in 2018.” #SpoilerAlert: Flavored vodkas dominate the roster of dropped items. (Say goodbye to Skyy Infusions Dragon Fruit, Smirnoff Dark Roasted Espresso, and Sobieski Karamel, amongst scores of the stuff.) Despite hopes for the Great Schnapps Revival of 2018, dozens of the liqueurs populate the slate.

Other spirits have been discontinued only in one size, e.g. a pint, but are still available in other sizes, e.g. 750ml.

Bargain hunters will find some deals on the list as well. Discounts range from 40%-60% and there are some gems peppered amidst the flood of flavored booze. For example, a fifth of Wiser’s Legacy is listed at $24.99. (Sorry, no Pappy mentioned.)

The massive sale is the product of Ohio’s “control state” liquor laws. Developed after Repeal, the state’s ordinances mandate that all spirits must be sold in state owned stores (although some are located within privately owned supermarkets.) Some portions of Ohio voted to go completely dry and consequently have no stores.

In keeping with what essentially amounts to a statewide chain, many other bottles will be shifted out of stores in some markets and concentrated in other regions of the state.

Anyway, check out the entire list here. It’s a fun read.

Photo by Visitor7 [CC BY-SA 3.0]
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