Winter is Beer: New Imp Barleywine is Coming

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Winter is coming here. Watching both HBO and our thermostats, it’s clear that the cold season is upon us. While we will have to wait until next year to learn the fate of Westeros, actual spring will bring the opportunity to drink like the Imp. Ommegang just announced that their popular Game of Thrones line is set for an expansion.

The Cooperstown, NY brewery plans to release a new “Royal Reserve Collection” fit for the hall of the fame. Leading off the lineup is “Hand of the Queen,” a tribute to Tyrion Lannister slated for a March release.

“While technically not royalty at all, Tyrion certainly qualifies as a nobleman in our esteem,” says Doug Campbell, President of Brewery Ommegang. “We’ve wanted to brew for Tyrion for six seasons, and we believe his time has come. Knowing his preferences, our beer for Tyrion could only be a barleywine.”

Ommegang is a legit, respected brewer. Their previous GoT beers were not just an easy gimmick; they tasted great also. So, we paid attention to the official tasting notes for the 11% ABV, malt forward barley wine. “The beer balances the intense flavors of brandy-soaked raisins and dark fruit with the lighter notes of apricot. Hints of molasses and toffee are evident before a finish characterized by the classic yet distinctive barleywine alcoholic heat,” stated the brewery. “Hand of the Queen, an old-world example of the style, attempts to balance these strong yet unruly opposing forces, much like the way Tyrion maintains the balance of power among his influential contemporaries in Westeros.”

The release follows other Westerosi beers from Ommegang. Working off of name alone, we’re big fans of Take the Black Stout, Winter is Here, Blood & Fire, and Bend the Knee. The new Tyrion homage will be available on tap or in 750ml. bottles with a MSRP of $12.99. The remainder of the Royal Reserve is scheduled for releases in July, October, and December.

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