Amar’e Stoudamire Launches Wine Line

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The NBA is wine crazy these days; sometimes, it seems like Instagram is nothing more than an album of balers drinking trophy bottles. But, given the benefit of retirement, Amar’e Stoudemire is taking oneophilia to the next level. The six-time All-Star just launched his own line of vino.

So far, Stoudemire Wine offers one Cabernet Sauvignon and a couple red table blends. Amar’e is not actually handling the grapes. The bottles are all produced by Tulip Wineryn Kfar Tikva, northern Israel.

“It’s a blessing for me and my family to be able to produce such great wines from a land like the land of Israel, so we’re constantly counting our blessings for that,” Stoudemire told the press gaggle at the unveiling on NYC’s Upper East Side.

Stoudemire is a vocal advocate for Israel. After his NBA career ended, he began playing for Hapoel Jerusalem and led the team to Israeli Basketball League Cup. In 2106, he hung up the hightops, but his time abroad fostered a love for the land. After retirement, he purchased equity in Hapoel, a home in the country, and began planning his wine.

“Once I moved to Israel, it was the perfect connection to meet with the vineyards and go to the tastings and figure out the different blends for each bottle,” explained Stoudemire.

The wine is also kosher which Stoudemire stressed is a priority. The power forward identifies as  a Hebrew Israelite, an African-American descended from biblical Israelites who essentially practice judaism.

Stoudamire also identifies a tier one wine lover. Previously, he even bathed in red wine, a practice known as vinotherapy.

There were only 100 bottle of the Stoudemire Private Collection released, each with a price tag of $244.99. 1,680 bottle of Stoudemire Reserve and Stoudemire Grand Reserve are on the market with with MSRP’s $59.99 and $99.99, respectively. Royal Wine Corp. is distributing the wines, currently only available in stores in New York and New Jersey.

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