Super Bowl LII: All The Beverage Commercials

By Neat Pour Staff |

Super Bowl LII will pit two immensely unpopular teams against one another. Fortunately, true fans know that beyond the glitz & glamour, the halftime show, and the end zone celebrations, there is something more important: commercials.

In 2018, the beverage industry’s Super Bowl advertising will be dominated by the usual names. A-B In Bev, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi will be the industry’s most prominent advertisers during the big game. A couple ads focus on water relief and Mountain Dew paired Peter Dinklage with Morgan Freeman.

Watch them all below…

Bud Light’s semi-viral dilly-dilly campaign returns with a new character. The King now has a henchmen, the Bud Knight. Yes, it’s as dumb as you would expect.

On the other hand, Budweiser chose to take a serious approach for their spot. Big Beer’s flagship brand focused not on brews, but on their charitable efforts with water.

Coca-Cola stuck with their established branding. Check out their classic, 60 second, feel good spot.

Chris Pratt fans get to watch him practice drinking beer in this Michelob Ultra ad.

If the first one didn’t have enough Pratt for ya, take a gander at this spot that stars Pratt along with several other contemporary actors and actresses. (You see, they all “like beer.”)

Of course, while Coke is making people strive for world peace, Pepsi is reverting to their staple theme: generations. (We think it’s a bit of a stretch also.)

Stella Artois hired Matt Damon to talk about clean water for impoverished nations in an attempt to sell beer. It sounds a little counter-intuitive, but remember Budweiser is also using water relief as a means to sell beer.

Diet Coke is pushing their new packaging by letting beautiful people talk about their product.

Mountain Dew is teaming up with Doritos for their ad. The 60 second spot features Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage. Really can’t go wrong there!

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