Watch Out Soda Stream: Here Comes the Eco-Friendly Water Filtering rOcean

By Neat Pour Staff |

We loved those water bottle islands, but the reality is plastic beverage bottles are terrible for the planet. Enter the rOcean One. rOcean aims to fight pollution by selling an all in one smart device that will filter your tap water, add carbonation, and even flavor your water if so desired.

The concept is that you bring your own bottle and then refill it countless times with the beverage of your choice—all courtesy of the rOcean’s device. The horseshoe shaped device connects directly to your kitchen sink and then fills bottles of all sizes with filtered water.

Fear not! There are lots of bells and whistles. Carbonation levels are adjustable. Reusable flavor pods let you “microdose” your H2O with designer accents spanning the gamut from “ginger apple” to “electrolyte vitamin boost.” The filters are designed to last a year and offer “15x more filtration than leading pitcher filters”—whatever that means.

The rOcean is also fully tech’d out. You can command it via Alexa or Google Alexa. If you’re feeling old-fashioned, a phone will work as well. The app will also let you track your use, preferences, and your supply levels.

“By creating a single machine that allows the most advanced beverage customization and filtration at home than any other device on the market, rOcean consumers can not only have the most efficient drinking system, but can help to save our oceans while saving thousands of dollars a year,” gushed rOcean co-founder and CEO Sunjay Guleria.

The company also understands that appliances are not everyone’s idea of great interior design. So, the gadget is compatible with a variety of faceplates to match your kitchen decor.

The rOcean One retails for $349, but the company is currently preselling it on Indiegogo for $179. (The campaign already hit their goals; so, the odds that the device will actually see production are high.) If you prefer your water sans gaz, a carbonation free model is available $99.

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