Cocktail Artist Expands Line

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FoodStory Brands’ Cocktail Artist line works on a very simple concept. The company mass markets bar syrups and mixes. Cocktail Artist takes the brand ambassador concept to the next level, enlisting industry personalities to consult on individual products and then printing artistic rendering (get it?) of their celebrity faces on the labeling. Now celebrating one year in business, the company is celebrating a solid start by adding seven more products.

The new range features Margarita Mix by Tipsy Bartender creator, Skyy John; Piña Colada mix from Miami bartender Carla Rivera; Bloody Mary Mix from MOTAC cofounder Chris McMillian; Strawberry Daiquiri / Margarita Mix from Santa Cruz bartender Stephanie Sanchez; Sweet & Sour Mix from Darnell Holguin of NYC’s The Fifty; Triple Sec Bar Syrup from Jen Ackrill of Honolulu’s Sky Waikiki; and Triple Sec Syrup from Bahamas bartender Marv Cunningham. These mixes and syrups compliment an existing line that features basics like lemon juice and grenadine.

Materials from Cocktail Artist tout the company’s self-declared high standards.“My Cocktail Artist Margarita Mix is made with the very best ingredients, meaning there’s no high fructose corn syrup, just pure cane sugar and natural fruit juices,” stated Skyy John. “It’s so smooth that you can enjoy it on its own or with spirits, from tequila to rum or vodka. It is so versatile and perfectly balanced, you can’t beat it!”

The bartenders, themselves, were allowed to pick their product and consult on development. In many cases, there personalities are evident in the final bottle. “Piña Colada was invented in Puerto Rico, and I like to tell people that while my ethnicity is Puerto Rican, my blood type is Piña Colada,” explained mixologist Carla Rivera of Miami, Florida. “My Cocktail Artist Piña Colada Mix is a great substitute for the classic recipe used at the Caribe Hilton Hotel in San Juan.”

But, how is the product? Bottom line, the Cocktail Artist range will help continue to raise the quality of the average cocktail in America. They are one of Walmart’s top seller in the category The bottles provide a marked improvement from the highly artificial products that this market previously purchase. However, these are mass-market, consumer targeted; if you’re running a bar program, you probably won’t rush out to acquire the entire collection. For example, obviously, the fresh lemon juices that you’re squeezing now are superior to anything that arrives prepackaged.

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By Neat Pour Staff