Is a Wakanda Wine Fest in the Works?

By Neat Pour Staff |

Black Panther: the Lunchbox, Black Panther: the Breakfast Cereal. Black Panther: the Flame Thrower… Moichandising! Disney may be milking their Marvel heroes for all merchandising tie-ins they can find. However, the House of Mouse missed one. Last week, Davon Hatchett, a Texas attorney and blogger filed a trademark application for the “Wakanda Wine Festival.”

Black Panther is currently shattering records at the box-office and racking up critical accolades. Yet, no one has harnessed the Ryan Coogler film’s popularity to push wine—until now.

An application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office lists “charitable donation services, namely, providing educational special events, seminars, workshops in the field of wine” as functions of a Wakanda Wine Festival trademark.

Of course, there is the small matter of Disney owned Marvel Entertainment. The multi-billion dollar conglomerate already owns the rights to the Black Panther franchise. So far, the corporation has taken no action to challenge the filing, but then again, Hatchett has taken no action to actually produce a Wakanda Wine Festival.

Should Hatchett decide to move forward, she is well prepared on both fronts. The Texas Bar Association lists intellectual property as her expertise. She also knows something about wine. In true superhero fashion, Hatchett assumes her alter-ego of The Bubbleista online where she blogs about bubbles.

The actual film doesn’t really references wine. The Black Panther does drink a cocktail made from ground up Heart-Shaped Herb to gain his powers, but there are no grapes involved. However, a quick Google search reveals a consolation prize in the form of dozens of Black Panther cocktails created by fangirls and fanboys.

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