MLB’s 2018 Draft Beer Prices Broken Down By Team

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For baseball fans, today is the best day of the year: Opening Day. Over the next seven months, millions of Americans will flock to ballparks to take in the smell of fresh-cut grass, cheer on the boys of summer, and drink beer–lots of beer. So, it is time again for the annual breakdown of the real arms race in the game, the cost of a cold one at each ballpark.

Despite the team’s self-proclaimed “small market” creds, the Boston Red Sox continue to sell the most expensive beer in baseball at $7.75. The team is technically tied with the Cubs and Philly, but Fenway offers only stingy 12oz. pours whereas Chicago and Philadelphia offer generous one pint pours for the same price. The stats does not bother Sox Prex Sam Kennedy who rationalized the cost by noting the payroll on the field. “We’ll probably continue to take slow increases on products that are wildly popular like beer,” Kennedy told a CSNNE interviewer. “We don’t seem to have too much pushback on the beer prices.”

The Colorado Rockies, who play at Coors Field, offered the lowest price, a $3 special on the field’s namesake. Beer is big in the game and Miller and Busch Fields also offered good bargains. We imagine that a cup of OJ at Minute Maid Park is also affordable.

A Note on Methodology: The craft beer explosion is all over Major League Baseball’s ballparks and so are Big Beer’s attempts to fight back. The saturation of options makes it difficult to calculate the cheapest beer at the park. For example, does the $3, 3oz. flight of Double Bock count as the cheapest beer at the park?

For the purpose of this chart, we attempted to present the average price of the cheapest domestic, draft (no cans, no bottles) available. The source information comes from MLB, the concession companies, and local news reports. In cases of conflicting information from official sources, we used the average.

(And, in case you’re curious, the Blue Jays offer beer at that weird $6.79 price point because we had to convert out of Canadian dollars.)

Without further ado, the cost of a draft beer at every MLB stadium.

Cost of Average Small Draft Beer at Each MLB Park

Photo by slgckgc [CC2.0]

Graph © Neat Pour, 2017

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