New Beer Honors Controversial Sinn Féin Leader Gerry Adams

By Neat Pour Staff |

Chicago’s Revolution Brewing is true to their moniker. The indie brewer founded by Goose Island vet Josh Deth likes to name their beers after anti-heros, revolutions, and agents of change. Their latest beer is pushing the envelope with an homage to controversial Irish rights legend, Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams.

Adams’ Best is “an earthy, lightly toasty, traditional Best Bitter brewed to showcase newly available Irish Stout and Ale malts” according to the brewery. The release adds that Special B and Black malts add “color and slight roast complexity.”

Gerry Adams (the man not the beer) was crucial in brokering the 1998 Good Friday or Belfast Agreement which ended the Troubles and ushered in peace between the British and the Republicans in North Ireland. Throughout much of the last 50 years, he was the most prominent name in the Irish cause. To this day, Adams remains a powerful figure in UK and European politics.

A Revolutionary Tap Handle (Courtesy Revolution Brewing)

However, the Sinn Féin head is a polarizing figure. Many Republicans believe that he betrayed the cause of a united Ireland. Many Brits still bear anger over the violence during the conflict. Others specifically fault Adams’ muddy relationship with the Irish Republican Army (I.R.A.) Adams was allegedly the Officer Commanding of the Belfast Brigade of the Provisional I.R.A., a charge that he has steadfastly denied, claiming that he never belonged to the I.R.A. while also refusing to disassociate himself from the paramilitary group notorious for terrorist tactics. The stance is a remarkable political feat in that it managed to anger both proud I.R.A. supporters and adamant opponents of the group.

But, how does it taste? As the brew is only available in Illinois, we haven’t tried it yet. However, the good folks at Beeradvocate have been hard at work. Members rate Adams’ Best at 3.64 (out of 5). Reviewers agree that the beer is a solid example of a classic ESB. (They are also fixated on the nitro-pour). The beer clocks in at 5.3% A.B.V. with 25 IBU’s.

Photo By Sinn Féin [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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