Nielsen CGA Introduces Crazy On-Site Alcohol Sale Data

By Neat Pour Staff |

The Nielsen company is basically synonymous with television ratings. Over the last few years, Nielsen CGA, their their partnership with CGA Strategy Ltd. has been working overtime to extend their market metrics dominance to the booze game. Today, they launched Check-Level Insights Pool (CLIP) a new tool that promises to bring market data so complex that it can be drilled down to individual transactions.

So, what does that mean? Nielsen CGA is planning to build data sets of alcohol sales that offer new location level details about check-averages to brands. For example, consulting the Nielsen data will allow one to learn what brands sell best at happy hour or late night. Likewise, the sets will offer info like which brands sell the best together or the average total check amount when a specific brand is sold.

“The on premise has never been more dynamic or competitive,” said Scott Elliott, SVP of Nielsen CGA in a statement. “For marketers, knowing what is bought alongside their brands, what time of day their brand/category is purchased, how their brands perform on key events and key day parts are all crucial insights to navigating today’s marketplace. With this unrivaled market intelligence, and with a broader, total consumer mindset, brand marketers will be better positioned to make data-fueled decisions to know what the best next step forward could be.”

data. This first-to-market offering will provide transaction-level insights around sales performance in both chain and independent bars and restaurants across the U.S. beverage alcohol market.

Currently, the venture is employing a sample size of 4000 locations. Nielsen plans to expand that set to at least 8000 locations by the end of 2018. While the data only covers alcoholic beverages right now, plans are in place to expand out to soft drinks, energy drinks, and food in the future.

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