Why Is Jack Daniels Suing Texas Distillers?

By Neat Pour Staff |

Liquor giant Brown-Forman is not afraid to mess with Texas. When it comes to trademarks for the conglomerate’s Jack Daniels brand, B-F is telling two texas companies to hit the road. On April 20, JD filed a trademark infringement suit in a U.S. District Court in California against both Dallas’ Dynasty Spirits and Houston’s Gulf Coast Distillers.

At issue is Lonehand Whiskey. The suit alleges that the two Texas companies collaborated to produce and market a whiskey that deliberately rips off JD’s familiar packaging. (JD’s bottle is registered as US trademark number 4,106,178. The famous black label with the text “Jack Daniel’s,” “Old No. 7,” “Sour mash whisky,” and “Tennessee” are  registered as trademark 4,106,179.)

The filing claims that Lonehand copied the “square bottle with angled shoulders, a ribbed neck, a black cap and a black neck wrap closure.” The complain then concludes that the alleged mimicry “has impaired, and will continue to impair, the distinctive quality of the Jack Daniel’s trade dress in the marketplace.”

For good measure, the legal doc includes online reviews of Lonehand that demonstrate the hooch’s “inferior quality.”

Consequently, Brown Forman is demanding injunctive relief, triple damages, and all legal costs.

None of the parties involved in the suit chose to comment on the matter.

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