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After a decade building a cult following in Europe, Bar Convent Berlin (BCB) announced a leap across the pond last year. After much anticipation, BCB is slated to finally arrive in Brooklyn on June 12 and 13. This week, organizers released a schedule it looks like the BK Expo Center will be will provide house a sensory overload of spirits and specialists.

In keeping with the BCB model, the upcoming event will be anchored by a large trade show. Nearly 100 exhibitors ranging from Angostura to Woodford will fill the hall. (Don’t worry, there will be plenty of indie producers there to fill your curiosity about new tonic waters and bitters.)

However, the intriguing part of these events is always the speakers. In the case of BCB BK, the task of populating the schedule fell to Education Director Angus Winchester. Winchester, experienced in the brand, seminar, and bar ownership worlds, opted for a practical focus for the talks.

“I have tried to ensure that the Education Program is focussed on education rather than entertainment or larger more theoretical concepts,” explained Education Director Angus Winchester. “I asked the best educators and experts to provide Practical, Relevant and Interesting material that attendees can use straight off the bat. BCB (Berlin) set very high standards and I hope I have lived up to those standards for this inaugural show.”

Winchester’s programmings includes some staples of the spirits circuit like Dave Wondrich talking history, Stephen Lyman explaining Sochu, Lisa Laird musing on Applejack, and Ms. Franky Marshall lecturing on Pineau. Winchester, himself, will also be taking a turn behind the mic, moderating a discussion of the much debated role of brands in the industry. In addition, some leaders of the Craft3.0 movement including Bobby Heugel, Hannah Lanfanear, Kiowa Bryant, and Claire Arnholt made the roster. (Check out the full lineup below.)

Tickets are sold as one day passes for $65 in advance or $80 at the door. More info here.

June 12

  • A Systematic Approach to Tasting with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust with Rob McCaughey
  • Agave with Steve Olson
  • Vodka with Matt Pomeroy
  • A New Way to Cost – Calculating Your Menu’s Carbon Footprint with Claire Arnholt
  • World Whiskies with Raj Sabharwal
  • Rum with Suzanne Long
  • How to Train Bartenders with Bobby Heugel
  • Pineau des Charentes: The Pineau You Should Know with Franky Marshall
  • A History of The Still in 40 Pictures with Dave Wondrich
  • Sochu with Stephen Lyman
  • How To Be A Better Bartender withTim Etherington-Judge and Claire Smith-Warner
  • The Role of Brand Companies in the Hospitality Industry, a panel moderated by Angus Winchester with Giles Woodyer, Steve Chasen, Jennifer Contraveros
  • Sugar Cane Spirits with Kiowa Bryant
  • Sake with Monica Samuels

June 13

  • A Systematic Approach to Tasting with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust with Hannah Lanfear
  • Gin with Allen Katz
  • Agave with Scott Rosenbaum
  • Culture 101 with Christy Pope
  • Applejack with Lisa Laird
  • Single Malt Masterclass with Jordan Felix
  • Panel: Hospitality Media liquor.com with Angus Winchester and Paul Clarke
  • Aquavit: A Global Tour with Jacob Grier
  • Pisco with Brother Cleve
  • From Partnerships to Profits and Everything in Between… with Julie Reiner, Susan Fedroff, Christine Williams
  • Irish Whiskey with Martin Duffy
  • Cognac with Kellie Thorn
  • Bartending Biomechanics with Tobin Ellis
  • Armagnac with Hannah Lanfear
  • Scotch with Nicola Riske
  • Spiritfree—The Deliberate Approach to Nonalcoholic Cocktails with Julia Momose
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