Sipsmith’s Sweet Internship

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Students. Are you tired of unpaid internships with “Devil Wears Prada” bosses? Well,  Sipsmith is offering one hell of a gig to 52 college kids. The lucky “ginterns” will get paid to learn about and promote Sipsmith’s juniper liquor range as Student Brand Ambassadors. Skip the years of bartending and advance directly to Go.

“We’re on the hunt for ginthusiastic students who love gin as much as we do and want to spread gin-sipping pandemonium across their city,” the company explained in their job posting. “Our Brand Ambassadors have plate-spinning brilliance, are savvy with their digital and aren’t afraid to let the world know when they’re sipping something special.”

Basically, Sipsmith is hiring college kids (Yanks, the drinking age is 18 across the pond) to do all of the normal brand ambassador stuff. They will work activations and brand events, check in with accounts, and post lots on social media (of curse). There will also be meetings—there always are.

The folks at Sipsmith managed to describe the responsibilities in far cooler terms though. They speak of “partnerships with local Gin Societies;” “working closely with the organising [sic] committees of charity balls;” and “champion[ing] Sipsmith.”

Aspiring ginterns are asked to send their CV to [email protected] prior to Friday, June 9th. In a sign of the times, an Instagram handle is also requested along with the resume. Plus, Sipsmith requests “five gincredible photos that showcase your understanding of super premium products. These should turn Instagram’s best food & drink bloggers green with envy!”

Unfortunately, applications are only accepted from certified students at 21 UK universities.

Interviews will be conducted through July and a mandatory training day will be held in August. The Student Ambassadors are expected to start work mid-September.

If you’re still on the fence about getting paid to drink gin, know that several graduates of the program have gone onto full time jobs with Sipsmith. One of those alumni is the very same Adam who is receiving those applications. His new job title is “Minister of Fun.”

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