The Tales 2018 Schedule Is Out!

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Yes, Virginia, there is a Tales! After a year filled with questions and controversy, the new leadership team released a packed schedule of seminars for their annual fest (July 17-21)—and it’s a full slate of speakers. Additionally, the newly minted Tales of the Cocktail Foundation (TOTCF) unveiled a committee of A-list names tasked with overseeing the distribution of $250,000 in grants.

In a previous interview with Neat Pour, TOTCF Chair Gary Solomon Jr. explained that the organization is moving towards more traditional foundation work as opposed to simply throwing events. The first step on that path is a quarter of a million dollars worth of grant funding for the industry. As the application process continues, the decision on who receives those funds will fall to the recently announced Grant Committee.

The Committee is comprised of Colin Appiah (Bacardi,) Tiffanie Barriere (The Drinking Coach & Drinking with the Girls,) Eric Bennett (Carrigan’s Public House,) Cris Dehlavi (CAP White Coat,) Angie Featherson (Drink Company,) Alba Huerta (Julep,) Nandini Khaund (Bar Manager,) Don Lee (Cocktail Kingdom,) Lynnette Marrero (Speed Rack,) Morgan Schick (Bon Vivants,) Kellie Thorn (Empire State South,) Pamela Wiznitzer (Seamstress, USBG,) and Rocky Yeh (Maison Ferrand).

“We are so grateful at the reception the newly formed grants program has received and feel lucky to have such a talented group serve as the first-ever committee,” said Caroline Rosen, Executive Director of Tales of the Cocktail in a statement. “It is crucial to us that this program is designed for, governed by, and serving the industry to the best of its ability. With this group, we know it will surpass our hopes and expectations.”

In addition, there is the small matter of the July Tales event. Allaying fears of a diminished presence, TOTCF released 59 scheduled seminars for 2018. One new addition are “101” courses focused on the basics of a particular spirit. Likewise, TOTCF will offer “InDepth” sessions which essentially offer case studies within the business end of the service sector.

As in recent years, Phillip Duff compiled the massive educational roster. “Philip and the committee have shown great commitment to making sure this year’s seminar selection is reflective of what the industry has been asking for,” said Neal Bodenheimer, Board Member of Tales of the Cocktail Foundation. “They have been tremendous about consulting a seemingly infinite number of stakeholders in the cocktail and spirits community to create reflective, diverse offerings that embody our new mission and vision.”

Check out the full list of seminars below and check out the Tales site for more info.

July 17

How to Buy & Sell Vintage Spirits Legally, Panel moderated by Noah Rothbaum with Edgar Harden, Ryan Malkin

Hop School with David Schroeder

Building a Healthier, Happier Bar Industry, Panel moderated by Tim Etherington-Judge with Alex Negranza, Camille Ralph Vidal, Naama Tahir

July 18

The Jamaican Difference: Bring In The Rum, Bring In The Funk, Panel moderated by Don Lee with Arielle Johnson, Joy Spence, Martin Cate

101 Gin with Simon Ford

Bar InDepth- Operation Dagger, Singapore, Moderated by Luke Whearty with Aki Nishikura

Blanc/Bianco Vermouth: Out of the Shadows, Panel moderated by François Monti with Eric Seed, Karri Cormican Kiyuna, Kellie Thorn, Roberta Mariani

Cork to Kirkwall: The Whisky Way, Panel moderated by Vaughan Yates with Charlie Maclean, Oisin Davis, Sandrae Lawrence

So You Think You Know Mezcal…. with Lou Bank

Future Forward Drinking, Panel moderated by Raj Nagra with Jason Jelicich, Katy Jeremko, Mark Shayler, Tara Fougner

A Few Good Drinks: A Look at Cocktails in the Military with Phillip Greene

This Little Kitty Came from England with Keli Rivers

Bitter Flavors: Taste the Rainbow! with Camper English

Free Your Mind, And The Bar Will Follow, Panel moderated by Jaymee Mandeville with Caesario De-Medeiros, Jesse Vida, Morgan Schick

Mixers Matter!, Panel moderated by Oisin Davis with Charlie Roberts, Gene Samuel, Jessamine McLellan

July 19

The Grand Tour – Must Visit Distilleries, Panel moderated by Jacob Briars with Becky Paskin, Sandrae Lawrence, Simon Ford

101- Whisk(e)y with Georgina Bell

Bar IndDepth- Nightjar, London: A Bird’s Eye View with Edmund Weil and Tony Pescatori

Wake Me Up, F@#k me Up!, Panel moderated by  Joe McCanta with Alex Kammerling, Camila Ramos, Henrietta Lovell, Jillian Vose

Non Alcoholic: Drinks of the Future or the Emperor’s New Clothes, Panel moderated by Frank  Lampen with Aaron Polsky, Eben Freeman, Julia Momose

Chartreuse in a Glass Part IV with Tim Master

Dollars of Diversity, Panel moderated by Elayne Duff with Hannah Lanfear, Stephanie Simbo, Charles Hardwick

Irish Whiskey Cocktails: the Good, the Bad and the Future, Panel moderated by Tim Herlihy with Conor Meyers, Jillian Vose, Robert Caldwell

Drip Drop Dram – Water Makes Spirits Go Round, Panel moderated by Jaymee Mandeville with Camper English, Joe Schofield, Oscar Garza, Ross Simon

Modern Luxury: The View From The Bar, Panel moderated by Philip Duff with Manny Quinones, X ., Tom Lasher-Walker

Digital Drinking, Panel moderated by  Jeremy JF Thompson with David Kaplan, Jabin Troth, Jim Meehan, Pamela Wiznitzer

Large & In Charge? Can you scale your brand and stay independent?, Panel moderated by Gonzalo De La Pezuela with Tom Mooney, Stephen Carroll, Kristen Bareuther

Hippy Hippy Shakes! It’s the 30th anniversary of the movie COCKTAIL!, Sebastien Derbomez with Charlotte Voisey, Christian Delpech, John Lermayer, Tobin Ellis

Using Our Power for Good

July 20

Straight Up with a Twist on Mental Health, Panel moderated by Tim Eherington-Judge with Karampal Kaur, Laura Green, Mattias Dylan Horseman, Stephanie Simbo

101- RUM with Ian Burrell

Bar Indepth- El Copitas, Russia: Black Market of Russian Hospitality, Panel moderated by Artem Peruk with Igor Zernov, Nikolai “Mr.Murka” Kiselev

Herbal Remedy with Peter Vestinos and Sebastien Derbomez

Guest Who?, Panel moderated by Adrian Biggs with Jillian Vose, José Luis Leon, Micah Melton, Yael Vengroff

Craigellachie Whisky: An In-Depth Tasting with Georgina Bell

Whiskey vs. Rum: A World War, Panel moderated by  Fred Minnick with Anne Louise Marquis, Bruce Russell, Matt Pietrek

American Terroir: Finding Whiskey’s Sense of Place, Panel moderated by Paul Clarke with Ann Marshall, Christopher Briar Williams, Matthew Hofmann, Nathan Thompson Avelino

Cocktails and Chill – Better Home Bartending, Panel moderated by Jacob Briars with Jim Meehan, Sandrae LawrenceBar 

InDepth- Barmini, Washington D.C.: Executing an Avant-Garde Bar Experience with Miguel Lancha, Al Thompson, Jhonatan Cano

Small Is Beautiful: The Power Of Nano-Brands in 2018, Panel moderated by Philip Duff with Allison Parc, Gable Erenzo

T.I.A. This is AFRICA, Panel moderated by Richard Neil Irwin with Caesario De-Medeiros, Colin Asare-Appiah, Kurt Schlechter, Stephanie Simbo

Leadership and Influence in the Bar Business, Panel moderated by Oron Lerner with Danny Ronen, Kate Gerwin, Kelsey Ramage

July 21

Looking Back to the Future of Rum (PART 1), Panel moderated by Ian Burrell with Alexander Kong, Maggie Campbell, Nelson Hernandez, Richard Seale

101-VODKA with Bex Almqvist

Bar InDepth- DANTE, New York City with Linden Pride and Naren Young

Singles Bars, Panel moderated by Derek Sandhaus with Bricia Lopez, Bill Isler, Erbin Garcia, Sother Teague

Treasures from Heaven – The Religious Roots of Your Favourite Drinks, Panel moderated by Jacob Briars with Jaymee Mandeville, Misty Kalkofen, Ria Soler

Looking Back to the Future of Rum (PART 2), Panel moderated by Ian Burrell with Kiowa Bryan, Nestor Ortega, Silvia Santiago

The Future of Drink, Panel moderated by Ignacio de Juan-Creix with Beatriz Martínez-Marí, Matías Sarlí, Sara Azpiazu

Geeking Out With the Master Blenders, Panel moderated by Paul Clarke with Alex Chasko, Alexandre Gabriel, Dave Pickerell, Tomas Estes

#SEDTalks: Inspiration –> Idea –> Action –> Reality –> Success!, Panel moderated by Ms. Franky Marshall with Audrey Fort, Edmund Weil, Laura Green, Micah Melton, Stephanie Simbo, Sharon Seyna

The Art of the Tasting Menu, Panel moderated by Robert Wood with Kyndra Vorster, Luke Whearty, Matt Whiley

On Viking’s Breath: Mead, Fred Minnick with Jeremy Johnson, Vicky Rowe

Irish Whiskey – What’s in Your Warehouse?, Panel moderated by Tim Herlihy with Jessamine McLellan, Michael Egan, Robert Caldwell, Stuart Caffrey

GINstrumental Trends, Panel moderated by Raj Nagra with Emma Stokes, Jason Williams, Jesus De Los Mosos, Simon Ford

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