Beer Tap Pioneer Found Dead In Brave’s Sun Trust Park

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Todd Keeling, a 48-year-old inventor from Minnesota, had a simple dream of improving the American Pastime by making stadium beer flow faster and better. Keeling died while fulfilling that dream. His body was discovered inside a walk-in cooler in Atlanta’s Sun Trust Park on Tuesday (6.26).

Authorities said that the temperature inside the cooler does no drop below 40 degrees. The Cobb County Medical Examiner performed an autopsy, but the results are not yet public and the cause of death remains unknown.

Keeling was working overnight to install his unique tap system at the time of his death. Patented in 2016, the “Quick Draw” tap system cuts the pour time to a third of the time and reduces foam. “The new nozzle is longer, has a small bent and end openings for a more precise release of beer from the outlet of the spout,” explains the application. Target Field in Minneapolis and Guarantee Rate Field in Chicago already employ the system.

The body was found shortly before Atlanta’s home game against the Reds. “The Atlanta Braves are deeply saddened by the passing of Todd Keeling,” read a statement from the team. “We admired the passion he had for both his company and his product. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.”

Keeling was married with four children. His two teenage sons accompanied him on the install trip, but left the site earlier in the day.

The Quick Draw was a lifelong dream of the inventor’s. Keeling’s wife told media that he started work on the project immediately after college. “This is his dream since he was a kid,” she told the AJC. “He worked hard to do this.

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