Lagunitas Releases THC Infused, IPA “Inspired”, Not-Beer Beverage

By Neat Pour Staff |

Many breweries tried to hop on the marijuana beer bandwagon and failed. Some experienced a clampdown by the Federales; others were forced to make marijuana beer by removing the marijuana. Now, Lagunitas Brewing Company will mass distribute a bubbly, hoppy, IPA-inspired beverage with THC—the only catch is that . . . it’s not actually beer.

Hi-Fi Hops are a sparkling water with a heavy, hoppy tase. Lagunitas Brewmaster Jeremy Marshall describes the flavor as “bubbly, aromatic, bitter, fruity and herbaceous with no gluten, no carbohydrates and a smidge of California sun-grown cannabis in every sip.”

Oh yeah, it also includes THC. Two varieties will be available—one with 10 mg of THC and one with 5 mg of THC and 5mg of CBD. While the cans will be available within a few weeks, distribution is unfortunately limited to California dispensaries.

“Hi-Fi Hops is not the first chapter in the love affair between cannabis and Lagunitas, but it is one of the most exciting,” said Maria Stipp, CEO of Lagunitas Brewing Company in a statement. “The idea of being a part of a no calorie beverage infused with cannabis seemed like a perfect next step in our product innovation and a natural way to marry our past with our future.”

The endeavor is a collaboration between the popular California brewery and CannaCraft’s AbsoluteXtracts. (You may know the company from brands like Care By Design, and Satori Chocolates.)

The move is a clear workaround to the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) which is responsible for regulating which alcoholic beverages can be legally marketed. The agency is not a fan of the THC—and recently clarified their absolute opposition to any marijuana infused beer, wine, or spirits.

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