Louis XIII Gets In The Boutique Biz’

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Most industry folk will tell you that the hefty price tag on Lousi XIII is largely about image. Sure, the ultra-lux Rémy tastes great. But, there are other cognacs out there that are just as good—if not better. The attraction of Louis is more about that crystal decanter and the century old eaux-de-vie in the blend—the literal top shelf appeal. It looks like Rémy knows where their bread is buttered because the liquor giant is now launching a marketing strategy centered around Louis XIII boutiques.

Yes, that’s right: Louis Boutiques. Stores devoted strictly to selling a cognac that starts at $3k a bottle, retail.

The pilot for the program was launched in Beijing, China in 2016. In the last year, a second and third location opened in London, England and Xi’an, China, respectively. The boutiques are currently located within larger department stores, SKP in China and Harrod’s in England. More are on the way.

“Louis XIII cognac is an icon of French art de vivre and excellence. With these new boutiques, Louis XIII is changing the rules of the wines & spirits game and is writing a new chapter in its history,” said Ludovic du Plessis, Global Executive Director in a statement.

So, what exactly does a Louis XIII boutique entail? The official description includes all of the typical buzzwords. “The stylish spaces offer bespoke services and exclusive Louis XIII experiences which will forge lasting impressions with revered boutique visitors,” according to a release.

What we can discern is that Louis is on hand in all shapes and sizes. Guests have the option to order a, er, neat pour or indulge in a Louis paired meal. Bottles are available for purchases ranging from the affordable, $600(ish), 100ml La Miniature to the towering 6L Le Mathusalem.

The designs will be super posh. To that end, Rémy bought on design darlings RDAI, the brains behind the Hermès flagship stores. “The design concept combines the noblest materials with state-of-the-art digital innovations to inspire poetry and feeling, the experience of Louis XIII,” said Denis Montel, Artistic Director and Managing Director of RDAI in a statement.

Honestly, we’re not sure what some of this means, but check out one of RDAI’s design flourishes. “The maturation process is portrayed in the rich colored hues of cognac illuminated in 1200 light points that will appear through the acid etched mirror, offering a lyrical and sensorial experience of time,” explained the company.

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