Thousand of Whiskey Barrels Pile Up In Rick House Collapse

By Neat Pour Staff |

Insiders have been predicting a collapse in the whiskey market for a while now—just not a literal collapse. That is exactly what happened on Friday (6.22) in Bardstown, Kentucky. A rick house at the Barton 1792 Distillery collapsed spilling thousands of barrels into a ginormous pile.

Rickhouse 30, built in the 1040’s, is one of 29 warehouses on the Boarton property. The building held about 18,000 barrels according to the company. About half of them appeared to be in the pile. (A standard barrel holds about 53 gallons.)

The company said that no one was injured in the accident. The cause of the accident was not known at press time. 

Barton 1792 is a subsidiary of American whiskey powerhouse, the Sazerac company. The affected facility turns out dozens of brands including 1792, Kentucky Gentleman, Very Old Barton, Fleischmann’s, Colonel Lee, Old Thompson, and Ten High.

Sazerac spokesperson Amy Preske stated that the numerous different products were affected by the incident, but the distillers have yet to fully assess the damage. 

Environmental contamination is a regular concern in whiskey country, but officials are bullish so far. No major leaks were immediately visible. In addtion, the rick house was designed with a 12 foot basement intended to contain spills.

The company confirmed that the Visitor Center was open for normal hours and that the damaged rick house was not part of the normal tour route.

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