London Pub Rebrands As ‘Trump Arms’ & English Are Not Impressed

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The time honored adage known as Murphy’s Law dictates that religion and politics should stay out of the bar. Nonetheless, some Britons decided to rebrand their West London pub as “Trump Arms” ahead of the American president’s visit to the Sceptered Isle. Not surprisingly, social media was not impressed by the publicans’ alt-right display.

52-year-old landlord Damien Smyth, a devout Brexiter, told media that he came up with the idea to rename Hammersmith’s Jameson pub during an after-hours drinking session. “I said ‘If the President is coming to town I’ll call it the Trump Arms’,” he told ABC. “And me mate said ‘If you call it the Trump Arms I’ll organize the party’”

Smyth at the Arms [via Jameson FB page]

Said mate happens to be Patrick Sullivan, Chief Executive of a far-right, Parliament Street think tank. Other radical conservative groups like the Bow Group, Bruges Group, and UKIP will be on hand. For good measure, Lucy Brown hopped onboard and is hyping the event; Brown is known for her work organizing Tommy Robinson’s Day of Freedom, a massive alt-right rally peppered with open displays of white supremacy and anti-muslim rhetoric.

Don’t mind the chauvinism; there will be food. After a kickoff party on Friday, patrons can pay £32-a-head to attend a party on Saturday. That fee will get you authentic American treats like hamburgers and Trump themed specialty cocktails.

Despite, the enthusiasm from the Brexit crowd, the small issues of Trump’s policies on issues such as immigration, race, and gender equality is not ingratiating him with most Londoners. English authorities estimate that a minimum of 50,000 people will take to the streets in protest of the POTUS.

Sullivan is not amused these party-poopers concerned with human rights. “I call them rioters because they are basically rioting,” he griped to The Independent. “And it’s more of a colorful way of putting it. A lot of those demonstrating are professional protesters who will march against everything.”

Big Baby Trump [Courtesy Leo Murray]

For Smyth, the worst part of the protest is a crowd-funded, six meter long blimp depicting Trump as a giant blimp. He told ABC that the balloon helped inspire his display. “The Mayor of London gave the permission [for the blimp to fly] and, you know, it’s disgusting and it should never have happened.”

The Jameson’s Facebook page soon filled up with Yelp-level slams of the establishment. The general sentiment was exemplified by Melinda Crosse’s review. “Quite frankly, a blight on the landscape. I feel bad for the people who have to live near this place, which is owned by selfish, hard faced, politically motivated bigots who seem hell-bent on attracting as much right wing scum into the area as possible,” she posted. “I’m not surprised the pub is in such trouble with these whackos in charge.”

Stewart Mandy said that the indignities for the English don’t stop at the bar. “And talking of royal, one really does have to pity Her Majesty for being forced to take tea with the man,” he wrote.

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