Tales of the Cocktail Raises A Glass (Photos)

By Dr. Bill Copen |

The Tales of the Cocktail foundation opened the bottle on their annual fest on Monday (7.18) and Tuesday (7.19). As per protocol, the week began with lots of toasts of photo-ops. Fortunately, Neat Pour‘s crack camera crew never met a photo-op they didn’t love. Dr. Bill Copen’s pics from the kickoff events after the jump.

On Monday night, the leadership team partnered with Ti Martin of the legendary Commanders Palace as well as Pepper Baumer of Crystal Hot Sauce for an opening soirée. The Board, media, and local NOLA supporters enjoyed a signature Crystal Cocktail along with a local staple, red beans and rice, during the welcome event.

The leadership team at Commanders Palace. LtR. Gary Solomon Jr., Pepper Baumer, Ti Martin, Neal Bodenheimer, Gary Solomon Sr., Sam Solomon, Laly Brennan

Tuesday afternoon, a brass band serenaded a growing crowd outside the Hotel Monteleone. After the revelers finished dancing in the street, the leadership team took the podium to formally launch the festivities. The annual Toast to Tales was followed a couple large donations from Goldring Foundation (of Sazerac Co. fame) and the Edrington Foundation (non-profit offshoot of Scotch whisky giant).

As per tradition, the fest begins with the annual Toast to Tales. Neal Bodenheimer is flanked by Gary Solomon Jr., Gary Solomon Sr., Caroline Rosen-Nabors

The Edrington Foundation donates $25k to the Foundation. (Everyone loves a giant check!)

The assembled masses then reconvened within the posh confines the Hotel Monteleone. At this point, focus shifted to the new grants program. A panel discussion of the grants process was followed by an inaugural $250,00 awarded.

Celebrated food writer Kat Kinsman moderates a panel discussion with the Grants Committee

Eric Bennett, Tiffanie Barriere, Kellie Thorn

The grant recipients and Committee celebrate after the announcement.


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