Tales Regales; Photos From Day Two

By Dr. Bill Copen |

Day Two of Tales of the Cocktail was dominated startenders and distillers popping up all over town. Names like Robin Nance, Paul Gustings, Bobby Hiddleston, Don Lee, and Erick Castro employed spirits of all sorts to slake the thirsts of Tales types. As usual, Dr. Bill Copen was there to capture it all.

Bobby Hiddleston of Bar Swift Here is shown serving a Mariniere. The drink features Martini & Rossi’s new bianco vermouth, Riserva Speciale, infused with oyster shells and mixed with St-Germain and soda.

Erick Castro of Raised by Wolves (San Diego) serves up some cognac cocktails while host Liam Deegan of Longway tends to other guests. During the afternoon, the pair turned a spotlight on the refreshing side of cognac.

When selling moonshine, it’s the best dress the part.

Author Philip Greene dove into military cocktails during his seminar. Here, he is pictured discussing the 69th Regiment, a potent mix of champagne and Irish Whiskey popularized during the Civil War by General Thomas Francis Meagher at the Battle of Fredericksburg.

In the Bacardi Sensory Lab, guests learned how sight, sound, and smell affect their sense of taste. Here, participants explore base smells isolated on testings swabs.

Famed Curmudgeon Paul Gustings and Robin Nance of Beam Suntory share smiles before mixing up some delicious cocktails including sazeracs, sidecars, and Champs d’Elyses.

Robin Nance pours a batch of masterful Champs d’Elyse for thirsty festers.

Avua Cachaça took over the Cuban themed Manolito for the afternoon. Here, Brother Cleave and French 75’s Alexa Bowler enjoy the bar with their friends.

Don Lee (Existing Conditions, Cocktail Kingdom) serves up Tiki with a Twist. Everyone’s favorite polymath employed Ming River baiju to make the island drinks. Baiju, a popular Chinese spirit, offers an incredibly wide range of flavor profiles and applications.

Avua President Peter Nevenglosky had the entire range available for tasting. (He also bought a suitcase filled with wood for sniffing.) Here, he is discussing the French Oak aged variety, a c crowd favorite.

Dutch bartender Lennart Deden of Boilermaker pours Genever Sazeracs. The drinks were part of a Dynamic duo evening with famed curmudgeon Paul Gustings at the legendary Tujague’s.

Blanc/Bianca Vermouth was the topic of one morning seminar. On hand to sort it all out was Eric Seed of Haus Alpenz, Roberta Mariani of Martini, and author François Monti.

Comoz Blanc is a relaunch of a classic vermouth. Seed spent years researching and optimizing the original recipe. Experts believe that the original specs for the El Presidente employed Comoz.

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