There Will Be Drinks! Tales of the Cocktail Day Three

By Dr. Bill Copen |

Tales of the Cocktail throttled up on Thursday (7.19). With thousands of industry professional gathered in NOLA, brands rolled out new products, elite bartenders showed off their skills, competitions kicked off, and of course, tastings were abundant. Dr. Bill Copen and his lavish lenses captured it all.

Two please! At the Plymouth “Find A Martini” event.

Captive Spirits, out of Seattle, makes a whole line of these “Big Gin” gins. One of their gins is aged for 6 months in Bourbon barrels. But this “barrel reserve” one is a special one that they made just for Tales. It is aged for 3 years in bourbon barrels. They brought some to Tales; anyone who can missed the event will have to visit the Emerald City to sample some in their newly opened tasting room.

Shanghai based CheongSam produces two tea-flavored liqueurs. The spirits taste like Oolong and Lapsang Souchong, respectively. They’re low-proof, but have enough alcohol to provide a shelf-stable way to introduce tea flavors into cocktails.

Peru’s bright sartorial sensibilities were also on display in the Pisco Tasting Room.

The indomitable Brother Cleave provides the soundtrack at ‘Chillin’ With Chicanos.’

A “Grab and Geaux” station in the Monteleone lobby. On Thursday, Wray and Nephew took over offering “Wray and Ting.” (Ting is a Jamaican grapefruit soda.)

Father Bill Dailey and Tim Dailey talk Chartreuse. Fun Fact: Dailey wears two robes that of a priest and that of a CAP.

Eight types of Chartreuse were on hand for sampling.

The annual Meet the Distillers event remains the king of all tasting rooms. This year, attendees gathered at the House of Blues to sample dozens of expressions.

The Baltimore Whiskey Company poured Asmina Pumilia, “a smoked Apple Brandy infused with locally foraged paw-paws, persimmons, and black walnuts.”

Bombay Saphire hosted the first challenge of the Most Imaginative Bartender finals. The 16 finalists’ first task was to create a cocktail inspired by New Orleans. However, the judges were in a different room; the contestants were asked to present via live video as a test of their on-camera skills.

Sorbos offers a unique sustainability option: Just eat these flavored straws when you’re done!

The funk is forward! Meet Xaymaca Special Dry, the new, intense Jamaican style, 100% potstill from Plantation.

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