What Do Drunk Americans Order On Amazon?

By Neat Pour Staff |

Ever buy something off Amazon after a few drinks? Well, you’re not alone. A new study from Archstone Recovery Center took a deep dive into the purchases that customers on the online mega-mall make when drunks… and. it’s pretty entertaining.

Gin drinkers tend to spend the most, an average of $82.40, according to the study. Anchoring the low end of the spectrum are whisk(e)y are $38.84. Beer and tequila drinkers also fell on the cheap end at averages of $39.09 and $40.08 respectively. Wine landed in the middle; the researchers reported that red wine drinkers averaged $42.03 per purchase and posh white wine drinkers averaged $46.07.

Archstone also posted that inebriated women tend to spend a little more than men. The report logged men as averaging $39.87 per session. Women averaged $45.39 per session. However, the average highest title fell to men at $198.27 compared to their counterparts at $154.81. The study’s authors were quick to note that this might be a function of wage inequality amongst genders.

And, then there is buyer’s remorse. 67% of respondents said that they regretted buying celphones and accessories. In second place were book purchase, regretted by 34% of drunk shoppers. The lowest levels of regret were video games and beauty products, both of which hovered around 23%.

The good news is that many buzzed buyers were happy with their purchases. Buyers of musical instruments logged a 100% satisfaction rate and pet supplies bagged 93% approval. The bottom of the “happy list” was Amazon products at 79%

For fun, the authors also included a question about the strangest drunk purchase. Some of the answers included a gorilla (marijuana) grow tent, a drum of Clear Glide lube, a coffee enema, and ReShape Max breast enhancement pills.

The survey polled 1094 people with the only qualifier being they must have made a drunk purchase off of Amazon in the last year.

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