Coke Buys Moxie

By Neat Pour Staff |

New England’s wicked popular regional beverage just got snapped up by one of the biggest global corporations out there. Bang a uey! That’s right, Moxie, the only thing Massholes love more than the Sawx and Pats was just acquired by the Coca-Cola Company.

No price information on the deal was released by either party involved. However, the acquisition was amicable especially given Moxie’s owner for the last decade—Coca-Cola of Northern New England (CCNNE). CCNE is not part of the Coca-Cola Company; rahter, they are a franchised, independent bottler, but the ties are already in place.

“The acquisition will provide the Moxie brand with the resources needed to evolve for a new generation of drinkers.” CCNNE’s spokesman Nick Martin told Reuters.

Coke said that the product will remain unchanged. Distribution in New England will also remain at status quo although you may see Moxie popping up in some new markets as well.

Sticking to the traditional formula is invaluable as Moxie is all about tradition. Flavored with current cocktail darling, gentian, the 108-year-old soft drink is synonymous with Yankee culture. New England heroes like Sawx batting legend Ted Williams and Vermont’s Calvin Coolidge sung the beverage’s praises. Maine even made it their official state drink.

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