Nuka Dark Is Real… And, It’s Rum

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There’s a new rum coming to the market soon. While rum nerds probably won’t pay much attention to Nuka Dark, gamer are getting very excited. Nuka is the signature beverage of the popular Fallout, RPG series, and it’s about to jump from the screen into real life just in time for the much ballyhooed Fallout ’76 release this November,

Silver Screen Bottling, the showbiz-liquor cross-marketing team that bought you James T. Kirk Bourbon and Ten Forward Vodka, confirmed on their website that they will soon be releasing a Nuka Dark rum in conjunction with Fallout maker Bethesda games.

To sell liquor in America, you must first receive an approval called a “COLA” from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). Buried deep within the TTB website are a pair COLA’s for Nuka Dark. From these forms, one learns that the beverage will be a “rum with natural flavors and caramel colors.” (Due to rum’s lack of regulatory system, these additives are actually relatively common in the category.)

In the game, Nuka Dark (an alcoholic version of the show’s Coke spoof Nuka) clocks in at 35% ABV. According to the 

The permit also reveals that while Silver Screen will be credited on the label, the actual production work is licensed to Strong Spirits, Inc. Strong Spirits is a respected contract blend and bottling co-packer out of Bardstown, KY.

Plus, the TTB filings included an image of the label; check it out below.

A website also popped up at “This drink temporarily increases one’s Strength and Endurance by 1, but decreases Perception by 1 as well,” explained the only text on the site. “Chilling a bottle of Nuka Dark Rum with Buddy yields Ice cold Nuka Dark Rum, but there is no added benefit in doing so.”

Good luck out there!

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