Rick Astley & Mikkeller Founder Opening London Bar

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The following is an actual article about 80’s pop sensation Rick Astley. Yes, Rick Astley does warrant media coverage beyond the rickroll–occasionally. For example, the “Never Gonna Give You Up” singer just announced that he will be together forever with Danish microbrew Mikkeller’s founder Mikkel Borg Bjergsø. The pair will be opening a pub in East London’s Shoreditch neighborhood.

Bjergsø is no fair weather YouTube fan of Astley. He is a certified superfan who grew up with posters of the 80’s pop star on his bedroom walls. A few years ago, he became friends with Astley through his wife and manage Lene. A collaborative Mikkeller dubbed, “Astley’s Northern Hop” soon followed. (The brewery describes Northern Hop as “a red lager with a touch of ginger, as a reference to Astley’s reddish hair.”)

The duo then began kicking around the idea of a bar in London. On October 19, that dream will become a reality when London’s first Mikkeller bar is slated to open their doors.

“Of course, we always prefer to work together with people who have a driving force and heart. It’s a huge plus if we also have a personal relationship with them,” Bjergsø said in a statement.

Although Astley has called London home for three decades and change, the bar will differ from your typical pub. Mikkeller has retained their go-to bar design firm. Femmes Régionales.

“Mikkeller’s Scandinavian DNA will be the epicenter for the overall look. With the combination of high quality materials and inviting color combinations, we will make the bar homely and at the same time show the dedication to the good craftsmanship that permeates the entire Mikkeller profile”, elaborated designer Mie Albæk Nielsen.

However, Astley will be well represented. The venue’s signature neon sign will include his likeness. FR added that the ‘Italian bohemian bistro atmosphere’ of his music videos will also provide inspiration. As a bonus, Astley’s lyrics will be utilized in various design touches.

And, just because Rick Astley wouldn’t ever want to see you frown, you can take joy in the fact that should this venture succeed, the power group is already thinking about opening more drinkeries.

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