Seattle Ballparks Implement CLEAR Biometrics For Beer Stands

By Neat Pour Staff |

The airport TSA experience doesn’t sound like the type of thing that anyone would want to replicate at leisure activities like a ballgame. However, Seattle’s sports team are partnering with security giant CLEAR to implement just that. Thirsty fans at the Emerald City’s CenturyLink and Safeco FIELDS will able to use CLEAR’s airport security system in dedicated lines that allow for both carding and payment with a simple thumbprint.

“With approval from the State of Washington to replace a traditional ID check with biometric powered age validation, CLEAR members at CenturyLink Field and Safeco Field can buy food and drinks, and simultaneously prove that they are of legal age for alcohol purchases — all with just their fingerprints,” elaborated a release.

Although some ballparks have implemented CLEAR’s biometric systems to assist with entry at the gates, the move is a first for concessions. But, it is not a surprise, the screening company announced plans to expand into the market during a $15 million cash raise last year.

Currently, only two concession stands work on the fast protocol, but the company said that expansion is in the works. Following implementation at additional kisoks, CLEAR announced that they ultimately hope to branch out into in-seat-service. Customers would be able to order and pay with biometrics through an app or a tablet wielded by an attendant.

For those who are not registered with the program, CLEAR booths are accessible at the ballparks as well as most major airports. Customers can sign up for age-verification almost instantly, but the airport screening procedures will take a little longer.

CLEAR noted that the biometrics are not intended as an Orwellian move, but simply to increase speed. A publicist theorized that 45% of potential beer buyers at sporting events are deterred by long lines.

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