Teeling’s First Bottle Breaks Auction Records

By Neat Pour Staff |

Are you worried about saturation in the whiskey market? Losing sleep? Well, rest your head; there’s still plenty of demand for whiskey. Take Bottle 1 (yes, the first bottle of a new whiskey) of Teeling Whiskey Celebratory Single Pot still which just sold for $13029.52 (€11,222) at auction.

The price set a record for the most expensive whisk(e)y from a new distillery, breaking the previous record of $10,325 set in July by Cumbria’s Lakes Distillery.

“This is another chapter in the revival of the craft of distilling in Dublin and heralds the beginning of our own range of Dublin distilled whiskeys on a wider scale, with the release of our commercially available Teeling Single Pot Still Whiskey later in the year,” said Jack Teeling, founder and managing director of Teeling Whiskey.

In addition to record-setting first bootle, 99 other originals were placed on the block. The auction was conducted by Whisky Auctioneer and all profits will be donated to charities in Dublin’s Liberties area, home of Teeling.

The Celebratory Single Pot is comprised of 50% un-malted barley and 50% malted barley and matured since 2015 in ex-Muscat wine casks.

Teeling will soon make their new spirits available to the public with a November 2018 release of 6000 bottles of Teeling Single Pot Still.

Teeling is a label on the rise. In July 2017, Bacardi purchased a minority stake in the company paving the way for the new Dublin facility to open.

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